Residual concrete and wash water recycling in the precast and concrete goods industry - a general overview. 

In addition to the ready-mixed concrete industry, recycling systems are also of great importance in the precast and concrete goods industry. However, the objectives are different. While ready-mixed concrete plants focus on recycling the residual material, the treatment of excess residual water in precast and concrete goods plants plays a major role. The residual water is treated in such a way that purified water is available after the process. This water can either be used in the factory or drained after additional treatment. The sludge produced during the process is used in the mixing process. This results in a closed cycle. If more sludge is produced than can be used, systems such as chamber filter presses, dewatering containers, etc. can be added. These are used to dewater the sludge so that it can be dumped.


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