Our system is designed to wash out two products such as concrete and mortar or concrete and anhydrite.
The Doublex system is based on the ComTec model system. The system offers separate material washing out as well as separate residual water recycling.
The system fulfils the task of two separate systems with reduced investment and operating costs.

externes BecherwerkExternal bucket elevator

The external bucket elevator is an alternative to the pump discharge conveyor. This bucket elevator is located on the main shaft of the ComTec recycling system model. The attached buckets take up the wash water, as well as the residual material, and feed it to the actual recycling system.
In addition, the external bucket elevator allows collected wash water (e.g. from the mixing plant) to be fed into the recycling system.

1600 Amos SKT 20191011 3Sand-gravel separation

Sand-gravel separation makes it possible to separate the recovered components of the concrete (sand and gravel) into two or more parts.

Dosing buffer with pump emptying conveyor

The pump discharge conveyor offers a separate emptying station for concrete pumps and offers the possibility of feeding material at floor level. Wash water, as well as concrete residues, are collected in a hopper installed at floor level and continuously fed to the recycling system by means of an auger. The recycling system no longer needs to be lowered.
In addition, the pump discharge conveyor enables wash water (e.g. from the mixing plant) to be fed into the recycling system.


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