Recycling systems for the ready-mixed concrete industry

Recycling systems for the ready-mixed concrete industry using the ComTec recycling system, for example, as an open & closed system
Two different systems for processing residual concrete are currently available:

  • Recovery systems
  • Recycling systems


A residual concrete recovery system retrieves the components contained in residual concrete (sand and gravel). These can then be reused in the mixing plant. The water is fed into a settling tank and can also be reused. The fine particles collected in the settling tank have to be dredged out and disposed of. A recovery system is an open circulation system for residual concrete.

A recycling system is a closed circulation system. In addition to the recovery of the components contained in the residual concrete, the residual water is also fully utilised in the mixing plant. This contains fine particles and cement particles. This system does not produce any material that needs to be disposed of. It is, therefore, a closed system.

If the residual water cannot or can only be partially used in the mixing process, the residual water can be treated.


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