The ComTec system is used in precast and concrete product plants where large quantities of residual concrete and wash water are produced. The system offers a large water bath and therefore enables the residual concrete to be emptied quickly. The washed material is discharged via a spiral conveyor or a vibrating feeder unit. The receiving hopper is available in various designs and sizes to adapt the system to the individual conditions.

ComTec features

  • Recycling capacity 4, 20 and 30m³/h
  • Shock emptying of the residual concrete is possible
  • A large wash water volume of 3m³ - 6m³ guarantees best performance and washout results
  • A split cut of 0.2mm
  • Bearing positions outside the water bath
  • Variable hopper arrangement and sizes up to 4m
  • Compact design
  • Heatable recycling system
  • The aluminium machine cover can be opened via gas pressure springs
  • Hot-dip galvanised design


WP 20170614 012c