The ComTec system is used in precast and concrete product plants where large quantities of residual concrete and wash water are produced. The system offers a large water bath and therefore enables the residual concrete to be emptied quickly. The washed material is discharged via a spiral conveyor or a vibrating feeder unit. The receiving hopper is available in various designs and sizes to adapt the system to the individual conditions.

ComTec features

  • Recycling capacity 4, 10, 20 and 30m³/h
  • Shock emptying of the residual concrete is possible
  • A large wash water volume of 3m³ - 6m³ guarantees best performance and washout results
  • A split cut of 0.2mm
  • Bearing positions outside the water bath
  • Variable hopper arrangement and sizes up to 4m
  • Compact design
  • Heatable recycling system
  • The aluminium machine cover can be opened via gas pressure springs
  • Hot-dip galvanised design

Dosing buffer with pump emptying conveyor

The pump emptying conveyor offers a separate emptying station for concrete pumps. Wash water, as well as concrete residues, are collected in a hopper installed at floor level and continuously fed to the recycling system by means of an auger. The recycling system no longer needs to be lowered.
In addition, the pump emptying conveyor enables wash water (e.g. from the mixing plant) to be fed into the recycling system.

externes BecherwerkExternal bucket elevator for concrete pumps

The external bucket elevator is an alternative to the pump emptying conveyor. This bucket elevator is located on the main shaft of the ComTec recycling system model. The attached buckets take up the wash water, as well as the residual material, and feed it to the actual recycling system.
In addition, the external bucket elevator allows collected wash water (e.g. from the mixing plant) to be fed into the recycling system.

sandkies DSCN2154Sand-gravel separation

Sand-gravel separation makes it possible to separate the recovered components of the concrete (sand and gravel) into two or more parts.

dosierpufferDosing buffer made of galvanised steel

The productivity of a recycling system can be increased with a dosing buffer. Ready-mixed concrete vehicles can be emptied much faster without affecting the washout quality and separation cut. As a result of the higher emptying speed, the vehicles' time spent at the system is reduced. The dosing buffer is installed directly in front of the recycling system and first buffers the residual concrete. The material is then continuously fed to the downstream recycling system with the correct conveying speed.

DSCF0223Chamber filter press

BIBKO® recycling systems can be supplemented by appropriate water purification systems such as chamber filter presses, treatment towers and hydrocyclones.


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