BIBKO® recycling system's RWS model is also available as a mobile version. The recycling machine and agitator tanks are designed in such a way that the system can be moved with minimum effort.

Mobile Version I
With this version, the recycling machine is completely assembled with the associated system components and the agitator basin on a steel girder construction. The residual water is fed to the agitator tank via a pump. From there it is used in the mixing plant and to rinse the vehicles. The system is delivered fully pre-assembled and only needs to be connected to the power grid and water supply. 
Mobile Version II
With this version, the recycling machine and the agitator tank are not connected via a steel girder construction. This makes the arrangement more flexible. 
Mobile Version III
With this version, the recycling machine is integrated directly into the agitator tank. To adjust the height of the feed hopper to a suitable working height, the steel basin is lowered into the ground, and the working area is filled with gravel.


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