This system is used in the precast and concrete goods industry where small quantities of residual concrete and wash water have to be recycled. The RWS system includes an auger with patented bearings, in which the bearings are located outside the water bath. By adjusting the height of the auger, wear and tear can be evened out, and the service life of the auger extended.

Since there are feed hoppers of various designs and sizes, the system can be adapted to the individual conditions in the plant.

RWS specifications

  • Great discharge height
  • Capacity range from 2 - 6m³/h of wash water
  • The auger unit is adjustable in height - therefore adaptable to different materials and products
  • A compact unit, which can be operated with a minimum requirement of space


Dosing buffer with pump emptying conveyor

The pump emptying conveyor offers a separate emptying station for concrete pumps. Wash water, as well as concrete residues, are collected in a hopper installed at floor level and continuously fed to the recycling system by means of an auger. The recycling system no longer needs to be lowered.
In addition, the pump emptying conveyor enables wash water (e.g. from the mixing plant) to be fed into the recycling system.

sandkies DSCN2154Sand-gravel separation

Sand-gravel separation makes it possible to separate the recovered components of the concrete (sand and gravel) into two or more parts.

DSCF0223Chamber filter press

BIBKO® recycling systems can be supplemented by appropriate water purification systems such as chamber filter presses, treatment towers and hydrocyclones.


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